Fast Flirting: 7 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy Subtly

Fast Flirting

The ability to initiate fast flirting is essential if you want to increase the number of men that ask you out on a date. There should be a class that teaches women flirty questions to ask a guy.  So many attractive women that I know make the following statements to me all the time:

-No guys approach me
-I don’t get any attention when I go out
-Didn’t meet anyone at the bar last night
-It’s been so long since a guy asked me out on a date
-Guys don’t talk to me

Is this you?

If so, maybe it is time to take things into your own hands and stop waiting for a guy to do all the work. I know, I know, your mom told you that the guy is supposed to pursue the woman and not vice versa. And while there can be some truth to that statement, there are ways assist in the process without actually doing the pursuing.

There are tons of article across the web teaching men how to pursue a woman. This one tells men ” You must appear to be interested, yet still holding back a bit “.  This is basically all you have to do to get a man to do all the work.  Men already expect to initiate most of the courting process, but a little help is most appreciated.  No one wants to take an “L” (Loss) for no reason.  Men recognize that there is a certain percentage of rejection they will have to deal with but if a woman is showing a little interest, this increases his odds of success.  This is what men want!

But instead this is what most men encounter (A typical woman’s attempt at fast flirting)

How I Flirt

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Don’t let this be you.

7 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy Subtly

Here is the list of flirty questions to ask a guy to not only make him show interest but to also make him feel like a fool if he doesn’t ask you out on a date.  But before I list the questions, note, it all starts with eye contact, then these questions:

1. What kind of cologne are you wearing? It smells nice

Obviously, you need to be in close proximity to use this one, but it is a very subtle flirty question to ask a guy that lets him know you are open to conversing with him.  All you need to do is be close for a few seconds.  Let’s say he walked by in a crowded bar, while he is still close you can move in for another whiff and say “You smell really good, what are you wearing?”.  He may smile and say it’s just lotion or nothing, then you can smile back and say “well, it smells good”. Even if you start to walk away after, he will most likely try to continue the conversation if he has any interest at all.  If he doesn’t, it’s okay. All you said was that you like his cologne.  This is what I call a low-risk proposition.

2.  Where are the restrooms?

Look for any single guy in the venue that sparks your interest.  Go directly to him and ask “Do you know where the restrooms are in this place?”  Most guys will tell you or try to find out if they don’t already know.  After he helps you, just say thank you and look into his eyes for a quick second as you walk away toward the restrooms.  He may take a second to realize what is going on if he is not the type of guy that is use to girls flirting with him, but once he does, he will try to create an opportunity to speak to you again.

3.  Do you know what time this place closes?

Most people that attend parties or events don’t know exactly what time it ends.  Whether the place is a lot of fun or boring, we want to know how much more time we will be spending there.  So ask the guy “What time is this over?” and then follow up with an open-ended flirty question like “Are you staying until the end?  Can we say #fast flirting?  Now we have dialog and you can decide if you like the direction the conversation is going.

4.  How do you know the host?

If you are at a house party or birthday gathering, this is a good one.  It is something that you both have in common and you can now tell stories.  This guarantees this will not be one of those nights where you did not talk to one single person other than the people you came with.  With just a little eye contact and a smile, this question can start off the fast flirting.

5.  Did you have a long day or something?

Remember, you are just looking for a reason to talk to him that doesn’t seem too obvious.  You can catch a guy off guard by asking him “Did you have a long day? You look tired”. He will immediately try to correct his face and maybe even crack a smile. If he does, you can start flirting and say something like “Much better, now you look like you actually want to be here”.  Men loved to be teased a little by women.  So now you have initiated the conversation and appealed to his desire.

6. Do you know any places I can get a bite to eat after this?

This flirty question helps the guy visualize spending time with you beyond the current event.  Even if you don’t plan on eating with him after you leave that night, the fact that you are talking to him about it is good enough.  Just say “Hey, are there any good places around here to eat that are open late?”  Maybe even mention that you don’t want to go to a certain place “I mean, besides Denny’s, I’m looking for a cool spot”.  Now he has to think and put some effort into his suggestion.  If he offers to take you, but you don’t want to just say “Aww, I’m going with my girls tonight, but maybe you can take me another time”.  Notice that you didn’t just say NO, you provided another winning option for him in a fast flirting style.  Yet, he still has to actually ask you out.

7.  Do you have somewhere else to be?

Today people are obsessed with their phones, so it is likely that a guy keeps looking at his phone during the course of the night.  This is the perfect opportunity for your conversation starter with your crush.  Play on his guilt about not being “present” and say “You must have something really important to do with the way you have been looking at your phone all night”.  For one, this implies that you have been paying attention to him and secondly hints that maybe you like him being there.  Make sure to say it with a smile as always (remember we are fast flirting here), but it will be funny to watch him try to quickly put his phone away (unless he really has something important going on).

Now that you have your list of flirty questions to ask a guy, you can be like the woman in this tweet below…Flirt Flirt Flirt:

At the end of the day, it’s all about ice breaker questions.  These 7 flirty questions to ask a guy allow you to get the ball rolling by increasing a guy’s success ratio.  The hardest part is done for him, he knows you are open to talking with him.  You made eye contact, you smiled, and you asked him conversation starting questions that created a safer environment than normal.

Now you can let him take over and do the pursuing. He will barely notice that you subtly helped him out.  There is a saying that the smartest women in the world make their guys think they came up with the idea on their own.  But we all know that she did all the work to plant it.  Now it is your turn to plant the idea that at least one guy really needs to talk to you, not just today, but every time you go out.

If you need more help fast flirting, find a podcast about it.  Simply google search the terms “flirting podcast” and a few will come up. Hope this helps!

Below are a few fun tips for the 1st date to help keep the momentum going.  Enjoy and add your own fast flirty questions to ask a guy in the comments!

Tips for First Date

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