5 Easy Tips on How to Win Money at One Week Fantasy Football

Here is the simple truth on how to win money in your one week fantasy football contest on DraftKings.  There are lots of ways to win some money, but here are the 5 easy tips you need to know to win the big prizes:

  1.  You need to score at least 200 points – if you have never scored close to 200 points, you should keep practicing in the $.25 to $3 tournaments until you get your score up.
  2. Defense needs to score at least 10 points for you- So mix up your lineups with multiple defenses
  3. One under $4000 player that is the superstar of the week – usually 2 over 20 point scorers, but people have won big money with only one on in their lineups.
  4. Make sure you choose players that will score something – getting a 0 will kill any great lineups for that week.
  5. If any player scored close to 40 points, they better be in your lineup – so you always need the person you feel will be the superstar of the week regardless of their salary. Its worth it if they score 40 points!

Devonta Freeman

And that is pretty much it.  If you use these 5 easy tips on how to win money at one week fantasy football, you can turn your luck around.  Note, to be good it will take a lot of time and energy so make sure you really enjoy it and it is your passion.  Here are some sites I would use if you are going to invest that kind of time into one week fantasy football:






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